AIMS – AGA Intelligent Management System

AIMS – is a sophisticated program that allows you to adjust the temperature of your AGA to suit your lifestyle and way of cooking.

Launched at the end of 2006, such has been the popularity of the option of this innovative technology that over half of all AGA sales in the UK were AIMS models during the first two months of 2009.

Available for almost all AGA models:

Gas, Electric and Oil

Why choose AIMS?

The AIMS program is ultimately flexible.  In short, it means the AGA can sleep when you sleep and only operate at normal power when you need it.

The fuel saving technology is not only state of the art, but also wonderfully simple to use.

The AIMS program is supplied pre-set, with two active periods each day.  In this mode, your AGA will be at normal temperature ready to cook breakfast in the morning, drop down to a lower temperature during the day and then return to normal temperature ready to prepare dinner in the evening.  After dinner, the system automatically enters ‘Slumber’ mode – the lowest temperature. If these settings do not suit your needs, you can set your own bespoke program to suit your individual requirements.  The engineer(s) can discuss this with you and set the program for you at the time of installation.

The system can even be set to ‘holiday’ mode, which will keep the AGA on either the lowest energy setting (or off) during selected dates, before automatically restarting in time for the family’s arrival home.

The AIMS program offers you:

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Day/Month/Year selection
  • Two pre-set active periods each day
  • Holiday mode
  • Override feature

What can AIMS do for you?

Using the pre-set mode, your AGA will:

  • Cook breakfast in the morning at normal temperature
  • Drop to a low temperature during the day
  • Return to normal temperature to cook dinner
  • Enter slumber mode at the end of the day

Should you go on holiday, the system can also program your AGA to:

  • Remain on the lowest energy setting or switch off
  • Automatically restart in time for your arrival home